Chemnitz – An Opinion

A city in the East, a fatal night. Germans hunting foreigners on the streets of Chemnitz after news were spread in the internet that supposedly a Syrian and Iraqi men killed a German carpenter. The police is helpless facing the riots, and old memories are coming up. Seemed so distant in our history books. An illusion. The far-right gained power over the years, and we did not notice. Although it was our task to identify new forms of powers forming politics in the 1930s.

The emerging of a right-populist party in Germany was first a shock for many. Nevertheless, the Alternative for Germany made their way to the Parliament with 94 seats in 2017, shifting the discussion by introducing a new narrative. A narrative which was repeated over and over and found its way into human minds, especially in the East where the unemployment rate is high and no one can be blamed for it. Merkel´s policy, depicted as an idealist ideology caring less about the people here than foreigners. What a discrepancy to see her as an enemy since she is from the East. Such rhetoric denies human rights to those fleeing war and persecution.

Insecurity surrounds us. Far-rights take our fears and form new thoughts in our heads, subscribed as speaking for us, the people. In fact, it serves the aim to gain supporters of their xenophobic views. Showing off as rebels and the ones who step against the mainstream, it is a sweet temptation to join them. They promise a community and a prosperous future with justice for everyone. They offer an exclusive membership to a clearly defined group, bringing allegedly clarity into our complicated times. It is a sweet, but very dangerous temptation. It is illusionary since their ideology comes first and rationality and humanity second.  They are your friends as long as one follows their orders. In reality, they do not care about the people.

It is time to step up and to act against racism and any other form of intolerance, otherwise, the right-wings will take our silence as consent and our values as an empty sheet of paper.

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