What a Year! Review of 2022

2022 was a year of contuinued conflict – Russia’s horrible war of aggression against Ukraine, our neighbour in Europe, shocks us all. It causes so many unnecessary deaths and leaves unforgettable scars. The war may decide over Europe’s future as well, a war where autocratic interests attack democratic principles at its heart. The incredible strength of the Ukrainian people leaves a lasting impression in 2022. We wish for peace.

It was unforgettable to join and document a humanitarian aid initiative for Ukrainian refugees organised by my hometown Meppen to its partnership city Ostrołęka in Poland in May. Read the article here.

Another highlight this year was the interview with Georg Meier, a Chess Grandmaster right before the Chennai Chess Olympiad in India talking about his first steps in chess, how computers changed the profession and which benefits chess can have for society, especially regarding education for children.

Nonetheless, we are still facing a climate crisis and need to change our way of living substantially. This is why I conducted an interview with Tom Kirschey on peatlands and their important role for the environment.

Despite all the crises, I am confident that the future ahead of us is a future worth living if we unite and act together for the realisation of human rights globally.

Yours sincerely,


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