Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation

Globalisation in the world leads to businesses operating on an international scale with the ultimate goal of having a global economy. Especially multinational companies expend their capabilities to other countries to reduce carbon footprint, manufacturing oversea and opening satellite operations in other countries. It offers the opportunity for companies in developing countries to gain marketContinue reading “Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation”

OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2017

The conference´s long title already gives a sneak peak on the complexity of issues which are discussed every year in Warsaw. It´s Europe´s largest human rights conference where civil society organisations and state represantatives come together to discuss current human rights issues and tendencies in the course of two weeks. 2017 the main topics encompassedContinue reading “OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2017”

Ideal Role of Companies in Society

The perspective on the ideal role of firms in a society differs from country to country. Taking the EU’s perspective, CSR is beyond legal regulations and is a way of conducting business in a socially responsible and environment-friendly manner.[i] On the contrary, the UK’s government emphasises that the context in which businesses operate is subsidiary,Continue reading “Ideal Role of Companies in Society”