Unique Place of Jewish Heritage in Warsaw

In Hebrew, a cemetery is called a “House of Eternity”. The Jewish cementary in Warsaw Okopowa Street was established in 1806 on the initiative of the Jewish community. It is one of the largest Jewish cementaries in Europe and still in use. There are 85,000 artistic gravestones in different shapes and forms, with inscriptions inContinue reading “Unique Place of Jewish Heritage in Warsaw”

How are refugees legally protected?

The 1951 Geneva Convention states in Article IA(2) the definition of a refugee: A person who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion; and is unable or unwilling to avail him or herself of the protection of thatContinue reading “How are refugees legally protected?”

How to regulate the internet while respecting human rights?

The online world poses many possibilities, but it is also a place where human rights are constantly neglected. Disinformation manipulates people for political, ideological or commercial reasons.

Documentary film tip: Game between AI and Lee Sedol

Are you curious to find out how Artificial Intelligence works? How it is to play a game against an algorithm? This freely available documentary film on Youtube will give you an insight into the “mindset” of AlphaGo. The algorithm was developed by Google DeepMinds. The AI programme learned to play Go by itself and masteredContinue reading “Documentary film tip: Game between AI and Lee Sedol”

33 European cities declare themselves as safe harbours for migrants

What a fantastic outcome of the conference “From the Sea to the Cities”: 33 European cities formed the International City Alliance of Safe Harbours aspiring to provide legal corridors for migrants with local municipalities at its centrum. The hybrid meeting of city mayors took place in Palermo on 25 and 26 June 2021. It wasContinue reading “33 European cities declare themselves as safe harbours for migrants”

What I learned from engaging with Seebrücke, the civil society organisation for refugee rights

“Seebrücke” or “Sea-bridge” is an international civil society movement advocating for a safe passage of asylum seekers on the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone can be engaged in the movement, let it be by participating in a demonstration or a flash mob. What I learned is that one does not need more than an idea and theContinue reading “What I learned from engaging with Seebrücke, the civil society organisation for refugee rights”