A Glimpse into the Exclusive World of Chess – Interview with Grandmaster Georg Meier

Chess grandmaster Georg Meier gives an insight on how he became interested in the board game, how computers changed the profession and how he sees the potential of chess for society.

Capturing the Zeitgeist of an Era – Interview with Opera Director Jochen Biganzoli

Interview about the future of opera with the director Jochen Biganzoli – check it out!

Meet Samar, student and hobby photographer

Today, I met Samar in a Flixbus going from Amsterdam to Hamburg. She is a 25-year-old student of electrical engineering in Braunschweig and went to the Netherlands for camping over the weekend. Albeit the technicality of her studies, her passion is photography. Coming from Tunisia to Europe to pursue her studies, she started her adventureContinue reading “Meet Samar, student and hobby photographer”

Meet the young entrepreneur whose vision is to place creative minds in leadership positions

We met on the United Nation’s Global Festival of Action in Bonn. Participating gives the unique opportunity to get to know people from all over the world fighting for the realisaton of human rights and for sharing ideas.