20 years ahead – Sustainable Fashion by Joanna Żeleźnik

Joanna Żeleźnik is a Polish fashion designer based in Warsaw. Her collection “New Morning” stands out in regard to its uniqueness and its sustainable way of manifacturing. Żeleźnik created the collection for her final exam at the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw and showed it to the public in July 2021.

She drew her inspiration for the collection from the mountainside “in the face of climate change and natural cycles existing in nature“. Her designs have a futuristic connotation. The face of her model is covered in a light colour, sleek, like a Greek sculptor or a Geisha in Japan.

Photograph @Lola Banet, Model Weronika Krupa @w.eronikakrupa from Uncover Models – bold navy blue, oversized sleeves

According to Żeleźnik, fashion should first and foremost be sustainable. Thus, she used accredited fabrics which are not harmful to the environment as well as second-hand materials. An important part of her collection plays the stiffness and grandness of her clothes. The material for the filling was initially supposed to be thrown away and got instead a new purpose. This shows the way of Żeleźnik`s approach to fashion and society as a whole: The fast production of clothes at lowest cost as possible is harmful to the environment. We as consumers need to make deliberate choices. It is remarkable that the young designer even at the beginning of her career chose to set an example for the fashion industry. It was not the easiest way her collection could have been done. However, the effort was worth it and the results impressive. Many people showed interest in her collection. She lent her clothes to stylists and even to a film set: The film “The Cosmic Bravo” plays, of course, in the future and will be shown at the Expo in Dubai.

Photograph @Jacek Kurnikowski/AKPA – This coat went to the film shooting of “The Cosmic Bravo”

An inspiration for her collection were also plant photographs by the German photographer and sculptor Karl Blossfeldt.

@Joanna Żeleźnik – vision board, top row: Old sketches from Szkola Przemysłu Drzewnego in Zakopane(1925), Karl Blossfeldt prints, instagram@_.nevermore; lower row: Tatra Museum archive, Takashi Yasumura (Ibasho Gallery), Alexandra Von Fuerst (PhMuseum)

The botanical impression of her designs is visible through the cord elements in the photographs below. The trousers convey the fluidity of water. The hat with the down-hanging brim reminds of a tulipe.

Photograph @Jacek Kurnikowski/AKPA
Photograph @Lola Banet, Model Weronika Krupa – Fascinating details

Asked about her future plans, she said that she wants to continue her education and to take additional classes which would help her to develop her construction and sewing skills. “I have many more ideas in store and I am currently working on my next collection“, said the young fashion designer.

Great, because we can`t wait to see more of Joanna Żeleźnik`s work!

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