Documentary film tip: Game between AI and Lee Sedol

Are you curious to find out how Artificial Intelligence works? How it is to play a game against an algorithm?

This freely available documentary film on Youtube will give you an insight into the “mindset” of AlphaGo. The algorithm was developed by Google DeepMinds. The AI programme learned to play Go by itself and mastered the game only after three months of trial and error.

Go is the oldest board game in the world and was invented 2.500 years ago in China. Most of the players live in Eastern Asia. School children in Korea learn the rules of the game at a young age. There exist even specialised schools for young Go players.

The AI algorithm’s opponent was the professional Go-player Lee Sedol from South Korea. They played five matches. Something wonderful happens, titled as “god-like”, but is it already the time to accept that AI is smarter than us? Find it out!

Photo by Cristina Gottardi, Unsplash

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