What a Year! Review of 2022

2022 was a year of contuinued conflict – Russia’s horrible war of aggression against Ukraine, our neighbour in Europe, shocks us all. It causes so many unnecessary deaths and leaves unforgettable scars. The war may decide over Europe’s future as well, a war where autocratic interests attack democratic principles at its heart. The incredible strengthContinue reading “What a Year! Review of 2022”

Learn how to Code – at Harvard!

Have you always wanted to know more about Programming and Cryptography? HarvardX offers an online course on computer science especially designed for lawyers and law students.

How to keep up with Human Rights

What are human rights and how to stay informed? Here are my tips: 1. Let’s start with the basics of human rights protection: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 1 declares: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should actContinue reading “How to keep up with Human Rights”

A Glimpse into the Exclusive World of Chess – Interview with Grandmaster Georg Meier

Chess grandmaster Georg Meier gives an insight on how he became interested in the board game, how computers changed the profession and how he sees the potential of chess for society.

Unique Place of Jewish Heritage in Warsaw

In Hebrew, a cemetery is called a “house of eternity”. The Jewish cementary in Warsaw Okopowa Street was established in 1806 on the initiative of the Jewish community. It is one of the largest Jewish cementaries in Europe and still in use. There are 85,000 artistic gravestones in different shapes and forms, with inscriptions inContinue reading “Unique Place of Jewish Heritage in Warsaw”

How are refugees legally protected?

The 1951 Geneva Convention states in Article IA(2) the definition of a refugee: A person who has a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of his or her race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion; and is unable or unwilling to avail him or herself of the protection of thatContinue reading “How are refugees legally protected?”

Humanitarian aid initiative for Ukrainian refugees

A van fully packed with wheat, pasta, sugar, cookies and cornflakes. 4 passengers including me. 1,200 kilometers ahead, the distance between Meppen in Germany (my hometown) and Ostrołęka in Poland. Between these two small cities exists a city partnership since 1994. At the beginning of the war and the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Ostrołęka,Continue reading “Humanitarian aid initiative for Ukrainian refugees”

Between soil and water: Peatlands and their importance for the climate

Growing up in a peatland region in North Germany, I find mires and wetlands beautiful and unique. We often used to go for a walk in the mire and were fascinated by the various shades of colours and variety of plants. Of course, we carefully watched our way, because going astray may be a lifeContinue reading “Between soil and water: Peatlands and their importance for the climate”

How to regulate the internet while respecting human rights?

The online world poses many possibilities, but it is also a place where human rights are constantly neglected. Disinformation manipulates people for political, ideological or commercial reasons.

Ideas that globally matter – Registrations open for the European Development Days 2022

The European Development Days is the event where global themes are discussed to find sustainable and trusted solutions. Do you want to be part of an international community, gain insights, and be inspired? Then join the discussion! Register here until 6 June 2022 🙂 #Sustainability #socialchange #bethechange #globalpartnerships #globalgateway #EU # haveyoursay #Brussels #hybrid