3 interesting projects to tackle societal issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Anyone who seeks help in your neighbourhood? Find it out via the newly created website www.coronahelfer.eu which was developed in the frame of the German government´s hackathon #wirvsvirus from 20 to 22 March 2020. The platform protects vulnerable people and supports those who work in the health sector or other endangered sectors. It builds upon a sense of community in times of crisis and reminds us to leave no one behind. Once you register on the website, you can look out for help notices or ask for help. In order to close the gap for people without internet access, users can print out leaflets, hang them out and offer themselves as contact persons. Around 20 people worked on this together during the hackathon and the results are impressive. Big like from my side for this social initiative!

How to occupy your kids at home? A creative solution offers “Home Stories”. On the website www.home-stories.org children can write, illustrate and share their own short story with friends and family. The website is easy to handle: Create your story, take pictures and upload them. Afterwards, you will receive a digitalised version of your story and it will get published on the website. What a cute idea!

Last but not least: This initiative took up the challenge to present data in a comprehensive way, see https://floar.github.io/WirVsVirus_Simulator/. The team created a simulator to show the spread of the virus in a virtual city depending on the measures taken to contain the virus. Find here an explanation to the simulator on Youtube. The idea came originally from a corona-simulator by the Washington Post. The catalogue of measures includes self- quarantine, home office, cancellation of social events and schools. As a result, one can observe the effects and effectiveness of each measure. Thus, the simulator makes it possible to get a better understanding of how we can protect ourselves and other people. It is an open source software and thus accessible and usable by everyone. It is indeed a helpful and important tool!

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