Impressions of the Green World Tour Fair in Frankfurt on 22 – 23 April 2023

This weekend, I had the chance to attend the Green World Tour Fair which is all about sustainability. The fair takes place in Frankfurt for the third time after a pause during COVID-19. According to the organisator Michael Lülf, the fair provides a platform for showcasing innovations in the field of sustainability. Above all, sustainability shall be affordable and approachable.

I am very happy, because:

  1. I met amazing people from whom I learned a lot about a sustainable lifestyle.
  2. I found exciting new pieces at the cloth fair, including a velvet blazer in red, a dress with flower ornaments and a breezy, romantic red blouse.
  3. I discovered that there are flexible and light solar panels for balconies that do not require technical installation and can be connected to a regular power outlet.

Here are three non-commercial initiatives I would like to highlight:

Foodsharing ( They save food from supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries or hotels which would be thrown away otherwise. The lovely ladies and one gentleman graciously agreed to let me take a photo of them which is now the cover photo.

Cradle to Cradle NGO ( The organisation with its headquarters in Berlin aims to produce sustainable goods which can be recycled rather than being disposed. Raw materials on Earth are diminishing more and more. If we reuse materials and hold them in closed-loop systems (cradle-to-cradle), we do not produce additional waste and use the nature’s resources responsibly. For instance our clothes often contain polyester which poses a problem because polyester is not compostable, it does not decompose naturally. The system has thus a dead end, the shirt ends as waste. A very interesting insight.

Engagement Global ( The organisation seated in Bonn obtains the well-known “Weltwärts” (out into the world) program and support projects in the field of global development. They also took pictures of visitors in front of a wallpaper with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including me.

Check out the photo collection below with my visual impressions of the fair.

The fair will also be held in various other cities in Germany and Austria this year. Make sure not to miss it! The dates are listed here. Find out more on Instagram or on the Green World Tour’s Website by the organisator Autarkia gGmbH.

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