How to regulate the internet while respecting human rights?

The online world poses many possibilities, but it is also a place where human rights are constantly neglected. Disinformation manipulates people for political, ideological or commercial reasons.

Ideas that globally matter – Registrations open for the European Development Days 2022

The European Development Days is the event where global themes are discussed to find sustainable and trusted solutions. Do you want to be part of an international community, gain insights, and be inspired? Then join the discussion! Register here until 6 June 2022 ­čÖé #Sustainability #socialchange #bethechange #globalpartnerships #globalgateway #EU # haveyoursay #Brussels #hybrid

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Capturing the Zeitgeist of an Era – Interview with Opera Director Jochen Biganzoli

Interview about the future of opera with the director Jochen Biganzoli – check it out!

20 years ahead – Sustainable Fashion by Joanna ┼╗ele┼║nik

Sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand, proved Joanna ┼╗ele┼║nik, a Polish fashion designer who created a collection for her graduation solely with fabrics which are not harmful to the environment and second-hand materials.

Documentary film tip: Game between AI and Lee Sedol

Are you curious to find out how Artificial Intelligence works? How it is to play a game against an algorithm? This freely available documentary film on Youtube will give you an insight into the “mindset” of AlphaGo. The algorithm was developed by Google DeepMinds. The AI programme learned to play Go by itself and masteredContinue reading “Documentary film tip: Game between AI and Lee Sedol”

33 European cities declare themselves as safe harbours for migrants

What a fantastic outcome of the conference “From the Sea to the Cities”: 33 European cities formed the International City Alliance of Safe Harbours aspiring to provide legal corridors for migrants with local municipalities at its centrum. The hybrid meeting of city mayors took place in Palermo on 25 and 26 June 2021. It wasContinue reading “33 European cities declare themselves as safe harbours for migrants”

3 interesting projects to tackle societal issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Anyone who seeks help in your neighbourhood? Find it out via the newly created website which was developed in the frame of the German government┬┤s hackathon #wirvsvirus from 20 to 22 March 2020. The platform protects vulnerable people and supports those who work in the health sector or other endangered sectors. It builds uponContinue reading “3 interesting projects to tackle societal issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic”

Hackathon #wirvsvirus by the German government shows highly creative potential in Europe

What the heck is a hackathon? It is an event where technology enthusiasts come together and create digital solutions. Read the article if you want to know more about the latest German government’s hackathon #wirvsvirus and its results.