Chemnitz – An Opinion

A city in the East, a fatal night. Germans hunting foreigners on the streets of Chemnitz after news were spread in the internet that supposedly a Syrian and Iraqi men killed a German carpenter. The police is helpless facing the riots, and old memories are coming up. Seemed so distant in our history books. An... Continue Reading →

Meet Samar, student and hobby photographer

Today, I met Samar in a Flixbus going from Amsterdam to Hamburg. She is a 25-year-old student of electrical engineering in Braunschweig and went to the Netherlands for camping over the weekend. Albeit the technicality of her studies, her passion is photography. Coming from Tunisia to Europe to pursue her studies, she started her adventure... Continue Reading →


It´s there again, the will to not speaking out something, something that is an unpleasant creature crawling up our necks and knocking on our consciousnesses. A silent agreement. Even if it´s omnipresent - in the news, in our heads. Thinking: not our problem, their responsibility. We are seeking distraction in the beautiful sides of life... Continue Reading →

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